Hike Dahab

Where the desert and sea collide

Feel like stretching your legs?     Come hiking!

Dahab is a world of endless possibilities. Spectacular desert mountains creep up to the blue expanse of the Gulf of Aquaba. Whether you're in town for diving, yoga, windsurfing or just relaxing, you will find that Dahab has what you need.

Feel like stretching your legs? There are a number of hiking possibilities around Dahab. Check out the Hiking Routes and see what appeals to you!

What's Dahab like at the moment? Quiet, warm, sunny and empty! If you ever wanted to enjoy a holiday destination and have it all to yourself, now is the time to come down!

Let Hike Dahab guide you to the magnificent desert landscapes of Sinai.

Please note that Hike Dahab is not operating at this time due to changes in various circumstances. Therefore all hikes and trips are suspended until further notice, please email should you require further information.

For any accommodation enquiries please contact Dahab Holidays at www.dahabholidays.com