Hike Dahab

Where the desert and sea collide

About Us

Hike Dahab was launched on the premise that we're good at the internet and the Bedouins are good at the desert. We work with a number of Mezzina Bedouins and apply fair trade principles to our trips. There are no trips we run where you won't have a local Bedouin accompanying or waiting for us.  

John Bennett In early 2010 I discovered Dahab and instantly fell in love with its spectacular mountain scenery, desert landscapes, beautiful turquoise sea and the exceptionally friendly local Bedouin community. I have walked through many of the wadis and mountain trails surrounding Dahab, as well as the St Katherine’s area and have wondered at the many changing colors of this incredible scenery at both sunrise and dusk. The silence and majesty of the desert never fails to make my heart miss a beat.

I grew up in the East Anglian countryside in the UK, I was always up a tree, down a hole or getting in to some kind of trouble. In more recent times, this passion for mountains and nature has taken me as far as the Everest and Annapurna trails in Nepal, the Patagonian mountain ranges of Argentina and Chile, Bolivia and Peru as well as Vietnam and Laos.

The desert and sea really do collide to present a stunning panorama and backdrop that makes Sinai a very special place to visit. I look forward to showing you that fabulous scenery firsthand.

Vivienne Jones
Having resided in the Sinai for the last seven years I have developed a connection to this land from above and below sea level. Previously I spent my time exploring the diversity of the Red Sea and introducing it to others while working as a SCUBA  instructor and local guide. My natural love for the great outdoors also led me to hiking and further exploration of the stunning landscapes found in the Sinai Desert and mountains.

Growing up on the west coast of Canada I spent much of my time hiking the forest trails in and around British Columbia. I now live in Dahab with my husband and two young sons, who love nothing more than to live most of their lives outside. And when you look at the surroundings who could blame them! I am a first aid instructor for both adults and children and always carry a first aid kit with me.

Mady MacDonald Where did Mady and Aqua go? Well, everyone has a day when it's time to go home. After more than six years in the gorgeous Sinai I headed home to Canada. Now I run a new business combining outdoors activities with a yoga programme called Yoga Travel Canada (www.yogatravelcanada.com). But don't worry! Hike Dahab still has a Canadian voice (Vivienne) and some new UK mountaineering blood too (John). The principles of Hike Dahab remain the same and, if anything, has even more to offer!