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Useful Bits of Arabic for Egypt

No matter where you are in the world a few polite words in the local language is useful and polite. Here are a few Egyptian Arabic words and phrases for your visit.

 Yes Aiwa
 Please  Minfadlauk
 Thank you
 You're welcome
 What is your name?
 Ismak kay?
 My name is ...
 I want ...
 Ana auwser ...
 Enough Bass
 OK Mesh
 Impossible Mish mumkin
 Slowly Swaiya
 Here Heina
 Not here
 Mish heina
 Go away Imshi (not terribly polite)
 Where? Fein?
 How? Izzey?
 When? Imta?
 Why? Lee?
 What? Naam?
 Later Badin
 How much? Bikrem?
 Congratulations Mabrouk
 Money Felouz