Hike Dahab

Where the desert and sea collide

Deep Desert Hiking, Inner Sinai

Leaving early you travel via minibus for an hour to the edge of the interior desert. Here you will transfer to a truck and meet your Bedouin guide(s). After a simple lunch you will hike for one to three hours through spectacular scenery and canyons until you arrive at the first camp. As dinner is prepared, you are welcome to explore the area or perhaps learn the ancient art of coal fire breadmaking. You will sleep in either the open air or in a Bedouin tent depending on weather conditions. Rising early the next morning you will trek through wind-sculpted canyons and fractured mountains. Lunch and siesta in the shade will be a part of the midday routine until it cools off. In late afternoon you will set off for another two-to-three hours of hiking including exploring giant sand dunes swept up the sides of mountains and enjoy the sunset from the top of one of them. The next morning you will continue to explore the mountainous regions on foot. Resting in the midday again, you'll take a final meander then visit a Bedouin village on your return to the main road and in late afternoon you will return to Dahab. 

The routes of this hike can vary depending on your interests, Bedouin activities in the desert and weather. For instance, if you have a strong interest in plants and medicines of the desert, our guides can show you the plants, talk about its care and preparation. 

Duration: 3 days; 2 nights; Cost: 1500 le per person (includes guides, meals, accommodation and transportation). Groups please inquire as the costs come down.

**Note: This hike is only available from October to April due to the heat. It is a little more expensive than normal hikes due to the transport costs of accessing the deeper desert terrain.