Hike Dahab

Where the desert and sea collide

Snorkel Trips

Blue Hole: Dahab has spectacular snorkeling opportunities but the most famous is the Blue Hole. There are snorkel trips to the Blue Hole leaving at 10:00am every day from outside Churchill's Bar. Ask for Loraine (horeshls@hotmail.com). Cost: 40le per person (includes transfer and equipment).

Ras Mohamed: Located on the southern tip of Sinai, the reefs of Ras Mohamed are some of the most spectacular on the planet. Hard and soft corals are abundant while being surrounded by nearly every tropical reef fish you could imagine. This full day out includes snorkel equipment and lunch. 50 euros per person (minimum two people).

Our Reefs! Please! While you're in town please ask where to enter for snorkeling or swimming. Local people (often identifiable by walking a dog since we all end up with a dog eventually) are very happy to tell you the best place for an easy entry onto snorkeling sites. Or watch the divers get in since their guides are directing them.  Also, think twice before you pick up shells in the Red Sea. We have many many cone shells, which have a poisonous dart that is quite lethal. Also, Eel Garden has spectacular snorkeling but is only for a calm day. On windy days a wicked cross current pulls you offshore. The neighbouring restaurants will tell you it's no problem since they want to rent you a snorkel and mask. It is a problem on windy days. Consider snorkeling in the bay on these days or go with a snorkel guide who is familiar with the conditions.