Hike Dahab

Where the desert and sea collide

What should I bring?

A little planning goes a long way. In Dahab, you have to remember that we're quite remote during many of our hikes. Here are a few things to consider bringing along:

Hiking shoes/boots/sandals/trainers
Water! 1-2 hour hikes = 1.5 litres; 2+ hours = 3-5 litres (water is available in Ras Abu Galum  for 10le and Blue Lagoon for 5le)
Consider rehydrants (available at any pharmacy for 3le)
Snorkel and mask (depending on hike)
Sleep sheet or light sleeping bag (overnight hikes)
Camera (of course!)
Flashlight (overnight and moonrise hikes)
Passport (you don't usually need it but it's good to have with you) 

Environmental note: Please bring a minimum of plastic on the trek and expect to pack out any and all garbage. In the same spirit, take pictures of things you find along the path but no mementos please! You may think you're only one person but it adds up.